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Through Floor Stairlifts Paignton

Paignton Stairlifts Modern & Unobtrusive
Stairlift Paignton Maximises space available to you
Stairlift Paignton Discreetly moved back upstairs, leaving you the full use of your space

Top brands

Paignton Stairlifts Terry Lifts
Stairlift Paignton Pollock

How could a curved stairlift benefit you?

Paignton Stairlifts Self-levelling mechanism for uneven floors
Stairlift Paignton Strong light weight aluminium frame
Stair Lift Paignton Hydraulic./ Traction drive system
Stairlift Paignton Interior light with time-out delay
Stair Lifts Paignton Large user friendly controls
Stair Lifts Paignton In-car lowering
Stair Lifts Paignton Call stations
Stair Lifts Paignton Grab handles
Stair lifts Paignton Stair lift Paignton
Stairlifts Paignton Paignton Stairlift

The seated models

This has a much smaller footprint than any other lift, ideal for very restricted spaces as it won’t take up much space when in action.

The side-hung model

These are excellent if you have restricted space in your house, allowing rails to be easily installed at right angles, making it easy to get around windows and other obstructions. Another advantage is the side hung model can withstand up to 36stone, depending upon which drive system you choose.

Stairlifts Paignton

Stair Lifts Paignton
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